The growing CBD craze explained.

The growing CBD craze explained.
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Cannabis extract is all around. But is it effective?

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Cannabidiol is gaining popularity. With increasing state legalization and loose federal regulations, anyone can buy CBD products online or in a physical shop without fear of arrest. CBD has been proven to treat anxiety, psychosis, movement disorders, epilepsy, seizures, and multiple sclerosis. People have been using medical marijuana for years to treat these conditions. But CBD has the potential to be a way to enjoy all of the benefits of medical cannabis without actually getting high.

The problem is that most CBD products that make it to the market are not properly labeled and contain very low dosages. It’s possible that CBD users are experiencing tangible benefits from the placebo effect. It’s possible that low-dose CBD products could be used to microdose, which allows users to take smaller amounts of the substance to get milder or completely different results from consuming a full dose.

CBD is not a fraud. CBD is a potent substance that has a lot potential for medical use. However, most of the products on the market today aren’t worth your attention.

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