Russian Cannabis News Today

Russian Cannabis News Today
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Russian Oligarch Corrupted 2018 Elections to Infiltrate in US Cannabis Market
In the spring of 2018, MOVAVIEV, Kukushkin and Fruman decided to start a business that would acquire marijuana licenses and retail cannabis licenses in the United States.

MURAVIEV, as part of the plan, agreed to wire $1million through a number of bank accounts to Fruman, Parnas, and Fruman to pay hundreds of thousands in political contributions that they made or promised to make prior to the November 2018. elections.

The donations were made to MURAVIEV and his accomplices to get cannabis licenses and to win favor with potential candidates.

Extracted from the Live Show of Cannabis Legalization News: I

Russian Cannabis News Today

21+ Please, this is about legal and legitimately legal (at the state level), cannabis industry.

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