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Antibiotics are a very useful class of drugs. They have helped us eradicate many types of deadly infections. It all began with a lab contamination in 1928; penicillin. This antibiotic was created when mold spores infected an E. Coli culture and killed it quickly: penicillin was produced. It caused the E. Coli cells to burst and became irreparably damaged. Decades later, despite many advancements, we also have something fatal: antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

An antibiotic kills all bacteria it comes into contact with through a unique mechanism. This means that a microbe that is fatal to humans can be treated with an antibiotic. But bacteria reproduces very rapidly, much like billions upon billions of babies every single day…
One line of offspring will eventually “evolve” without the need for antibiotics. This means that the antibiotic no longer has any effect on that bacteria: it’s antibiotic-resistant.
This has allowed us to kill all the weak bacteria, leaving only the superbugs that could withstand 50 many years of rigorous antibiotic administration.
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