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Lion Juice is a cannabis oil cartridge made with only pure CLEAR DISTILLATE(98% THC) oil and NATURAL terpenes.Testing at approximately 90% THC, these cartridges deliver the best vaping experience on the market.The new cartridges are made from quartz glass, and stainless steel to provide the cleanest possible taste.

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Lion juice is Premium eLiquid  and vape liquid manufacturing professionals on a mission, to provide each and every enthusiast of the community with a delicious, one of a kind vaping experience.

The oil is FREE of solvents, impurities, lipids, fillers, chlorophyll, and waxes. If you’re looking for the highest THC level and purest cannabis oil on the market, LION JUICE DISTILLATE will do just that.

Lion Juice Labs is a strictly third-party manufacturer with full 3PL, 4PL and online order fulfilment capability.

We are uniquely placed within the Oceania market to serve as the only independent co-packer and OEM manufacturer of E-Liquids. Our business model means we do not compete with our clients! – eliminating any conflicts of interest that might arise if we retailed our own E-Liquid.

Shipping costs for international vendors serving the Oceania and Asian markets range from too high to prohibitively expensive. By engaging a dedicated manufacturing partner, shipping volumes can be reduced by up to 80% with the added advantage of lower lead times and reduced demand on your existing production capacity.

Choose from our extensive collections of e-liquids, from nationally known premium brands to our own House Juices. Please take a moment to see our e-Liquids menu.

Buy lion vape juice from our online and local dispensary.

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