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What is Pink Rozay?

Pink Rozay  is one of three strains from the Rick Ross x Cookies Collins Ave collab. It is an indica with London Poundcake #75 and Lemonchello 10 parentage

Origin, Aroma, Appearance and Flavor

It has a distinct fruity scent and delivers strong, long-lasting effects that ultimately leave you feeling happy in the mind and relaxed in the body.

Benefits And Why You Should Buy Pink Rozay Today:

SMOKE LIKE THE BOSS!! Known for it’s high energizing effects, this strain is best suitable if you suffer from high levels of stress, PTSD, migraine, loss of appetite, fatigue, depression, chronic waist and back pains, bipolar disorder, autism or anxiety.

More Details About This Strain

  • Smoking Pink Rozay will give you a weighty head high however your body will feel calm. Pink Rozay nugs are chilly with quieted shades of green and orange. Clinical pot patients pick this strain to help alleviate side effects identified with constant torment.
  • In addition, this is one indica that you need to attempt.  The flavor follows a similar profile, with a sweet strawberry hint emphasized by hot florals and nutty spices. Furthermore, the Pink Rozay high is similarly pretty much as heavenly as its taste, with enduring impacts that hit the head and body with an undeniable degree of intensity.  Also, it goes ahead quick and hard in the head, crushing into the brain with an elevated shivery impact that leaves you stupefied and cheerful about it. In conclusion, as your brain arrives at this place of happy obscurity, your body will start to sink into a loosening up express that keeps you moored with causing a lot sedation.

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