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What is Kush Mint?

A cross between animal mint and Bubba kush, Kush mints is an evenly balanced Hybrid from sativa and Indica genetics.

Origin And Description

TO begin with, the origins of this amazing strain can be traced back to the breeder, Seed Junky, who is also known for producing the Wedding cake strain.
This strain is a cross between Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, with a pleasing earth-like and coffee with spicy flavor aroma.

Benefits And Why You Should Buy Kush Mints Strain Today:

The super minty taste with a touch of fresh coffee creates a relaxing and calming feeling.

More Details About This Strain

  • Ideal for any fan of a very minty flavor, Kush Mint welcomes on even impacts that hit both brain and body with an undeniable degree of intensity because of its overly hefty 22-24% normal THC level. Kush Mint has an astonishingly sharp minty taste with traces of new espresso and gritty treats to it. The smell is of natural sweet woods and rich fiery espresso with a hefty kick of mint. The Kush Mint high isn’t exactly as enlightening as the flavor, with loosening up impacts that will make them kick back and pretty drowsy in case you’re not cautious. It begins with a warming shiver in the spine, filling you with a feeling of profound pervading unwinding that back and forth movements outwards through your appendages until you are thoroughly quiet in both brain and body

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