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What is Bonkers Strain?

Exotic Genetix created the Bonkers strain by crossing Cookies and Cream with Lemon Tree.

Origin, Aroma, Appearance and Flavor

This strain has a citrus, creamy flavor that produces a smooth and  easy high

Benefits And Why You Should Buy Bonkers Strain  Today:

This strain leaves you calm and relaxed with a sensation of well being and at peace. Furthermore, this strain is best for conditions like PTSD, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, insomnia, inflammation, headache, fibromyalgia, fatigue, depression, chronic pain and bipolar disorders.

More Details About This Strain

  • In case you’re an enthusiast of lemon-pressed strains, check this lemon cream dessert out. This is an ideal strain for when there are action items, it very well may be compelling evening and evening torment drug. Crazy can likewise prompt appetite and may make a few clients nod off a lot simpler.
  • When Next Generation Seed Company set out to make this strain, they realized Bonkers expected to complete ahead of schedule as well as be impervious to shape and mold. Prevailing in the two regions, plants of the strain can be prepared for reap in just a month and a half however may require an additional week to really wrap up. At the point when developed external the strain will in general completion between the tenth and the 25th of September. The strain isn’t balanced out yet around 90% of the plants will hold comparative appearance and design, the lone distinction being stature.

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