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 What is Blue Dream?

A hybrid of dominant sativa, Blue Dream is a potent cross of well-known strains Haze and Blueberry

Origin, Aroma, Appearance and Flavor

TO begin with, most agree that the origins of this amazing strain traces back to California where the bud’s blueberry sweetness seems all too reminiscent and befitting of the sunny and golden state.
It has a sharp, crisp citrus scrumptious, blueberry and berry flavor with a hint of earthiness.

Benefits And Why You Should Buy Blue Dream Today:

17 to 24% high THC levels of this strain makes it best suitable if you suffer from chronic pain, stress due to injuries, moderate and high depression or strong levels of fatigue. Furthermore, This strain is also a wonderful solution if you always find yourself exhausted, worried or upset.

More Details About This Strain

  • This strain  delivers an adjusting high joined by full-body unwinding with delicate cerebral empowerment. Beginner and veteran buyers all appreciate the quieting and euphoric impacts that Blue Dream gives. Buyers additionally love the flavor – which scents and tastes very much like sweet berries. medical cannabis patients say Blue Dream conveys quick help from side effects related with torment, melancholy, and queasiness.
  • This notorious bud flaunts a tolerably high THC level that goes from 17-24% by and large and a heap of both indica and sativa impacts. Clients portray the Blue Dream high as having a prompt beginning of an inspiring cerebral head high that leaves you totally spurred and centered with influxes of inventive energy that hit rapidly and hard. This is joined by a smooth loosening up body high that leaves you warmed, numb, and totally torment free.  Blue Dream has a scrumptious fragrance of sweet blueberry pie and a sample of syrupy blueberries that stays on your tongue long in the wake of smoking

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