Apple Fritters


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What is Apple Fritters?

Lumpy’s Flowers made Apple Fritters from crossing Animal Cookies and Sour Apple.

Aroma, Appearance and Flavor

This strain has a sweet and earthy flavor.

Benefits And Why You Should Buy Apple Fritters Today:

Very popular for it’s high energizing effects, this strain will keep you very focused and alert throughout the day. Furthermore, this strain is highly recommended for treating depression, stress, fatigue and nausea.

More Details About This Strain

  • Put out by Lumpy’s Flowers, Apple Fritter is a strain with secret roots. The individuals who appreciate Apple Fritter say this strain permits you to appreciate an evening without losing your cool. Glazed donut has a flavor and fragrance that put on a show of being sweet and hearty, with a light messy apple cake impact.
  • In addition, Most popular for making the High Times’ 2016 “World’s Strongest Strains” List, this child welcomes on a hard-hitting high and excessively tasty flavor that will make them ask for additional after only one taste. This bud has an excessively sweet fruity apple flavor with a daintily cakey vanilla breathe out that is actually similar to a heavenly new prepared glazed donut. The fragrance is practically the same, with a natural impact to it, as well. The Apple Fritter high beginnings nearly when you experience your first breathe out, filling your psyche with a surging lift that pushes out any negative or hustling musings very quickly. Furthermore, As your cerebral state flies increasingly elevated, a shivery body high will wash over you, loosening up your throbbing muscles and leaving you feeling absolutely calm with your general surroundings.

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